The PlayShifu Story

Play Shifu isn’t just another toy maker,
We are here to revolutionize the world of tomorrow.
Made of creative innovators and hard-working individuals,
We are changing how kids learn and play in the future.

If you ask us, imagination is limitless.
And children today will be the ones who will make all the difference.
Thus helping kids look beyond boundaries is what we dream about,
Educate and entertain them simultaneously is all that we want.

Our Journey

Shiuf Safari Journey - Playshifu
April 2016

It seems like yesterday, when Shifu Safari was launched. Would parents be able to see the true value of this educational game?

Shifu Cards Combo - Playshifu
September 2016

Shifu Safari got a heartwarming response. So, we developed, tested and rolled out more themes in the flashcards series.

Shifu Orboot journey - Playshifu
December 2016

In our childhood, we always had difficulty in visualizing the Earth with its many countries, states and borders. We thought, “Why not simplify it for the young ones!”

Shifu Orboot Kids - Playshifu
January 2017

For our next ambitious project, we started testing Shifu Orboot with kids and gauged feedback from parents too.

Augmented Reality Globe - Playshifu
March 2017

After months of hard work and research, we finally launched our Kickstarter campaign to seek support from parents all across the world. And boy, was it a hit!

Orboot Launched - Playshifu
October 2017

With love from 60 countries all around the world, Shifu Orboot was launched in the market; this time even bigger and better.

Shifu Orboot Reviews - Playshifu
December 2017

Yay! Orboot became the top choice for a christmas present in the year 2017. Thank you parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles!

Mingling Animal - Playshifu
January 2018

Our hands were itching to create something fun for the younger lot. What if your child’s favourite wooden figurines came to life?

Mingling Games - Playshifu
May 2018

We knew their creativity and imagination knew no bounds. They just need the correct medium. Thus, Shifu Minglings came into being.

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Media Mentions

Vivek Goyal - Founder @ playshifu
Vivek Goyal
Dinesh Advani Founder @ Playshifu
Dinesh Advani


Once upon a time,
There lived two friends,
Who wanted to make a dent in the society they lived.

Passion merged their words and hard work glued it all,
Today, Shifu is sailing high in the toy industry across the globe at large.
Kids everywhere are enjoying Shifu games and learning quite a lot,
Seeing children happy as bees is the greatest joy for us all.

And if you ask the two friends how they feel about that now?
The sight makes them ecstatic and that’s all they truly care about!

Guild of Shifu

"Players win games. Teams win championships"

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“If you’re persistent, you will get it. If you’re consistent, you will keep it.”

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