A quest through the jungle to unfold the secrets of wildlife

Shifu Safari flashcards is all you need to help your kid learn about the majesty of the animal kingdom and more.

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Shifu Safari Cards

Shifu Safari Ages 2+

60 Cards

  • 60 Animal Flashcards
  • Tablet or Mobile Stand
  • Carry Pouch

Shifu Safari flashcards range is the simplest learning tool one can integrate in a child’s academic instruction. Safari flashcards creates a 4-dimensional play experience for your child, keeping him engaged for long. Fusing the physical & digital worlds through AR technology, our 60-series flashcard game entails the following classifications of animals: Terrestrial, Reptiles, Aquatic, Aerial, Extinct and Fantasy.

It replicates the real-time experience of animals living in their natural habitat, food habits, distinctive sounds and way of living, thus creating a 3D-jungle on the screen.

  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini 1 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Android devices with minimum 2 GB RAM
  • Kindle not supported
How it Works
  • Install the Shifu application on your device.
  • Place the flashcard in the play area to unfold the augmented reality magic.
  • Join in the jungle safari and immerse it all.

Download Shifu app from:


Media Mentions

Most versatile AR product... it is a lot of fun

Provides a factual and creative way to learn about the world

Impress your son’s new 3rd grade teacher at the next parent-teacher conference

Leads children’s interests and leads developmental learning

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