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Picking Christmas presents for kids is harder than choosing an ice-cream flavour! Making it a little easy, here are our top picks for great gifts that could make you a favourite with kids.

Christmas gifts for kids

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Make 2019 special for children by gifting them christmas presents from our wide range of educational toys & games. Enhanced by augmented reality, our toys are made to help kids play, learn & have fun—at the same time.

Our educational toys build on their communication by enhancing their vocabulary, using logic to solve puzzles & more. Make Christmas special for toddlers by gifting them from our range of educational games that help in their holistic development.

Building on their deep-seated curiosity, our learning games drive the child to learn complex concepts that challenge their rapidly growing brain. Show your care & put some love in your Christmas present. Gift your kids the world in a toy & watch them expand their reasoning ability & worldly knowledge.

Compelling kids to put their attention skills to test, each Shifu toy is designed to broaden their experiential knowledge & elementary STEM learning. An ideal Christmas gift for both boys and girls, our toys for this age-group are a ‘starter-pack’ for kids looking to fortify their academic learning and creative thought.

Shifu Orboot 4 - 10 Years

  • 4.2/5

This christmas, gift your children our award-winning STEM toy—Orboot, an interactive AR globe. Explore the countries with 1000+ cool facts, mysteries & quizzes across 6 categories like wildlife, cultures, monuments and more.

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Plugo Count 3 - 5 Years

  • 4.2/5

Learn math through stories! Fun hands-on play with 1 Count Spike, 2 sets of digits, and 4 operators. Includes 1 Gamepad.

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Plugo Letters3 - 5 Years

  • 4.2/5

Learn to spell with stories and improve vocabulary. Comes with 1 Letters Trunk and 48 letter tiles. Includes 1 Gamepad.

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Plugo Tunes5-7 Years

  • 4.2/5

Learn to play piano with a fun & phygital keyboard that only works with tablets and smartphones. Includes 1 Gamepad.

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Plugo Link 5 - 7 Years

  • 4.2/5

Solve puzzles with magnetic blocks. Build & balance structures with 15 links to develop engineering skills. Includes 1 Gamepad.

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What Parents Say

Sarah Nantel

Photographer & Mom

As a teacher, I love how educational the Orboot is and as a mom I love to see my babe so excited about something that is challenging her curious mind.

Phil Cassell

Dad to 2

It was a hit with the kids (and me lol) and they wouldn't put it down. Their friends came over too, and you know it's a hit when they start arguing over whose turn it is next.


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